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posted by Jeff | Saturday, March 20, 2010, 9:52 PM | comments: 0

Today has been certifiably awful. I was starting to feel pretty miserable last night, but I was good enough at least to get Simon settled down and sleeping after something like three hours of activity. Diana then took him during the two (or three) overnight wakeups, and I slept.

And I woke up feeling even shittier. On the up side, the sore throat and chest congestion was gone, but it had all solidly moved to my head. It was non-stop drainage, but this was the worst I've felt since this started fucking with me two or three days ago. Where I was cautiously avoiding too much Simon contact yesterday, today was an outright ban.

It sucks for so many reasons. I miss being able to hold him, comfort him, feed him, and even change his stinky diapers. I don't like being a spectator. Having everything be on Diana is even harder for me. She is totally wiped out, which can't exactly be good for her own immunity. We've been lucky today in that Simon did a whole lot of sleeping today, and not the ravenous feeding of yesterday. The kid has not settled into any patterns yet, which isn't surprising exactly, just more frustrating than when the kid books warn you of it.

I feel somewhat better right now, though I've still got a minor headache and plenty of drip. I'd feel a lot better about contributing again if I could at least lose the drip.

At least it was about 70 and sunny here today. Although I'm increasingly concerned about air quality where we are, because wind is so rare. I'm also really hating our apartment, because it's like a fishbowl. I can't get rid of my house soon enough.


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