A little moment of glorious reality

posted by Jeff | Monday, November 23, 2009, 11:20 PM | comments: 1

At the suggestion of one of my co-workers, I figured I'd shuttle over to the company store after lunch, to try out the shuttle and exercise my employee purchasing. Got over there in about five minutes. That area of campus is very impressive, and there's a parking garage under all of it.

I've been wanting a new mouse for my desktop for a long time, because the one I've had for about four or five years is just kind of gross and I wanted to toss it. Plus I really liked it when I had it at my last job. Smooth scroll wheel. It glows all blue when you wake it up. Got it for half price, roughly. I also got Halo ODST for half price. Nice perks in that store, though the only Xbox games they carry are first-party titles. They've got controllers for $20 right now, and I'm half tempted to get a spare to replace the one with the gnarly stick. You don't even want to know how cheap the Live memberships are!

While it was only around 50 degrees outside, I was walking across the commons area of the campus, when I happened to glance east, and there I could see the snow-capped mountains. I don't know if people around here take that for granted, but I'm in awe every time I see it. We drove past an elementary school near Joe & Kristen's last week, with an even more amazing view, and wondered if the kids realize how awesome that it.

I seriously hope that I never stop feeling like a tourist in that respect. I'm really glad to live here when I can see that kind of natural beauty every single day.


November 24, 2009, 5:32 PM #

I moved from Erie PA to Tucson AZ a few years ago and couldn't agree with you more: the mountains, and what the sun and various weather systems do to amplify their beauty, is breathtaking to this easterner. I'm happy to report that I'm still impressed by the views; that it still feels like I'm on vacation, and I hope the same holds true for you!

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