A Mattoni Family Christmas, Pacific Northwest Edition

posted by Jeff | Friday, December 25, 2009, 11:31 PM | comments: 0

After a fantastic dinner last night prepared by my darling wife, we had a nice quiet morning and exchanged a few gifts. Diana also made the kittehs a knitted kitteh-gonja ball that they've really enjoyed.

Diana got me some sweet goodies. Right off of the Amazon wish list, I got 24 Day 7 to complete the collection. She also got the big Gorillapod for me, something I've been meaning to buy for myself for awhile. Would've come in handy at Disney World, to just strap the camera to a light pole recording the Christmas lights, but I'm glad to have it now. She also got a Winking Lizard T-shirt, which I will totally cherish. I miss that place in the worst way.

I scored her Toy Story Midway Mania for the Wii, and it seems pretty cool. I also got her a big old Dutch oven (the Mario Batali version), which I know she's wanted for some time. Good cookware is essential stuff, especially because Diana seems more inclined to cook now that she isn't working. Of course, she did a lot more cooking before we started dating, so I'm not sure what I did!

Of course, we spent the afternoon and evening at Joe & Kristen's house, where her parents were in town to meet Mason. We watched a little of the Cavs game, played with the kids (not that Mason is a big player :)), sucked down some homemade pierogies and Diana's chocolate cream pie. We got Joe Something Something Something Dark Side, and so we watched that after Nina went to bed (we bought it for ourselves as well, watched it Tuesday). Not as funny as Blue Harvest, but still had some laughs.

The weather was just beautiful today. Very, very sunny. You could see Mount Baker pretty clearly from Joe's neighborhood, which he says is way up near the Canadian border. Yesterday we saw Rainier from downtown pretty clearly as well. Lots of great sights right now. We had a nice white Christmas without having to drive around in the white.

So other than getting a little misty with the Winking Lizard shirt, it was a nice laid-back day. And we've got two more to go!


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