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posted by Jeff | Monday, September 6, 2010, 6:54 PM | comments: 0

Had another PEPS groups get together on Saturday, and it was a lot of fun. There's one couple in particular that I really identify with, having a late start of sorts to parenting, and frankly the level of cute in the room with all of those babies is staggering. I love the host's, Dana's, house.

Sunday I went out to get some stamps so I could get some club cards in the mail. I'm pulling into a spot at the post office, when the moron in the next spot, on her phone, flings her door open in front of my car. I get angry, but stay composed, and tell the lady that maybe she should get off her phone. Didn't think anything of it, but the woman doesn't follow me into the post office. At my next stop, I noticed that her door did indeed hit the plastic part of my bumper, not denting it, but scratching it. This is karma reminding me not to get too attached to my car.

We've been watching a bunch of the US Open, which has been relatively non-interesting this year, compared to last. The match between Caroline and Maria today was pretty good, though the score doesn't necessarily show it. I'm hoping the rest of the tournament is more exciting.

I've had some good naps. I miss naps. I didn't really take very many last year when I wasn't working. I instead went to the park for bike riding, went to movies and kept busy. But I've noticed now and then that I'm getting the dark circles under my eyes again (see: any photo from Simon's first month), so I'm not getting enough sleep.

This afternoon we went to get pizza at a local place called Zeeks. It was delicious, and the best we've had out here. I long for something as good as Pizzazz, but that's such a tough act to follow.

Simon was much better today, eating more and taking longer naps. I think he might be through the worst of it for those top four teeth, which I suspect will be visible in smiles before too long. Tomorrow he gets to impress Dr. Cargo Pants with those chompers.

We went out for a walk in the rain today to fetch some Krispy Kreme treats. Simon was well covered in his stroller, though nearly taken out by a driver making a right turn without looking. I've had more incidents with people driving here, doing half the mileage I did in Cleveland.

I got doughnuts to go, opting for a chocolate shake. It was remarkably ordinary and not worth three bucks. Lame. Speaking of lame, the kid who rung me up had a cheap tattoo of the Linux penguin on his wrist, with 0's and 1's around his wrist. I suspect he's destined to be a doughnut slinging virgin the rest of his life for that. Unfortunate.

The rumors were true, and the signs are up... they're putting in a Best Buy across the street. I love Best Buy, even though I never really buy anything there anymore. I used to buy my electronic gear and CD's and DVD's there, but now it's all Amazon and MP3's. It's still fun to browse, though.

They've been painting the trim on our apartment buildings. Ours is hunter green. That's the color of our rent going up if we stay here.


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