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posted by Jeff | Friday, December 18, 2009, 12:28 AM | comments: 0

Apple finally got around to releasing an update so OS X (and therefore Aperture) supports Canon 7D raw files. That was a very long and annoying wait. But I got everything imported this evening, with around 3,500 pictures so far on the year, a 50% increase over last year. Naturally a thousand are from the wedding alone (thanks, Tyler!), and I shot a thousand just in the last month and a half. It has kind of been an eventful year. ;)

It's that last thousand or so that have really put things into perspective though. The change since I was out here on September 30 has come hard and fast. Looking at the video and pictures I shot on the day we moved out of the Beaumont house is difficult. Because things were so frantic, and really are just finally settling down, I never really got a chance to process the move.

I'm glad to have moved, and every day that I see my surroundings or swipe my Microsoft ID, I get warm and fuzzy. At the same time, I'm a little home sick. That's probably to be expected when you leave a house you occupied for eight and a half years. I had a 30th birthday there, had many great parties, got divorced, fell in love a couple of times, started a new family there, pushed around God knows how many feet of snow from the driveway, ran a server there and started a business, nursed piercings there, enjoyed many thunderstorms, watched trees get bigger, wrote a book... that's a very substantial portion of my life.

But it's the little things that I sometimes miss too. Like the Winking Lizard and Buffalo Wild Wings. Seriously, who do you gotta fuck around here to get some boneless wings with good sauce? (Apparently you need to go to Portland.) I miss drivers who understand what merging is. And I really, really miss my hot tub.

Fortunately, I continue to have new moments of comfort, and there is no shortage of new memories being made. I find myself getting around town without a map. I have Washington plates and a drivers license. I'm already loving the 30 minutes of walking between the bus and the building I work in. I get to spend time with the original Seattle Mattoni's (all four of them now). And most importantly, I get to come home to a wife every day in a place that is uniquely ours.

Of course, that's one of the difficulties too, that I feel like apartment living is so transient. Hopefully that feeling will pass. It's also hard to be writing checks still for a place where I don't live, and I hate that I'm starting to actually resent the place I made so many good memories.

Is it too early to start being nostalgic about the year that is about to end? I can't remember any other year of my life so dense with change, challenge and joy.


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