Alternative to slacking: Simon watching

posted by Jeff | Sunday, September 26, 2010, 9:29 PM | comments: 1

I had one of those days where I just couldn't engage in anything because I was tired. I got up with Simon this morning so Diana could get a break. It throws off my sleep, but it's worth it because few things are as precious as Simon when he first gets up.

So while I could have sat around watching TV all day, with one hand in my pants like Al Bundy, I spent a lot of time on the floor with Simon. Instead of being a slug, I can be horizontal and interactive at the eye level of my little guy!

Today was an unusually long day for him, because he didn't nap particularly well. His eating cadence was weird too. But we had some nice moments, like a quick roll-over (finally!), and some chatting on video. Good times.

I'm trying to really make it a point to spend time with him in situations that, as an adult, might seem boring and uninteresting, because there are so many little things that a baby does that you can't imagine he'd do a month earlier. It's completely fascinating to me, and you don't get a second chance at these moments.



September 28, 2010, 8:08 AM #

Simon is utterly adorable in that clip! My niece has one of those things that plays music, it goes on for hours and hours!

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