An off day in the Puzzoni household

posted by Jeff | Thursday, April 7, 2011, 11:07 PM | comments: 0

You ever just have one of those days where things aren't bad, exactly, but they're definitely not good? I had one of those today, and I need to spell it out so I can let it go.

  • My car was full of snow this morning. That was weird. Because I couldn't see out part of my back window, I tried to drive over the garbage can.
  • People at work are coughing, snorting and otherwise spreading disease. I don't need that, folks. I've got a trip to take next week.
  • The Internets weren't working very well at work. Is the Redmond campus suddenly hooked up by way of a DSL line now?
  • Diana went to Joe's to watch the kids, where Simon promptly had a freak out, then barfed all over her.
  • Simon in general has been having some moods lately, and they involve lots of whimpering.
  • He woke up from his nap when I got home just crying endlessly, with nothing obviously wrong about him. We theorize he was just hungry, because we got smiles later, after dinner.
  • While sitting on the floor, watching Simon in the jumper and petting Cosmo, Emma comes tearing into the room and attacks her, hardcore, scratching me in the process. I have a giant welt on my arm from the stab wound. Bitch. She got out recently and now thinks she's a street fighter.
  • The injury has left me itchy and congested (ironic that I'm allergic to cats in that sense). I was itchy to begin with because I'm having that strange anxiety rash. No idea why.
  • My accountant's tax software failed to file the return correctly, so the IRS thinks I owe them more money. She's handling it, but I'm annoyed.
  • Have I mentioned I'm tired of paying for that fucking house?

Hopefully tomorrow will be less annoying. There will be cake for my last day in STO, which already makes it better. Teresa makes sweet cakes.


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