Baby update

posted by Jeff | Tuesday, December 29, 2009, 6:38 PM | comments: 0

Diana had an ultrasound today, first one since August or something like that. The doctor didn't expect to need another one, but Diana has been having some minor issues again, so she wants to see what's going on at the other side of the cervix, particularly where the placenta is. The baby seems to be all normal but we still don't know why every OB "doesn't like her cervix." The good news is that further testing shows she doesn't have gestational diabetes.

Little Puzzoni is apparently a little bigger than average, and has some hair already. In one of the shots he has his leg up over his head, stretched out. We kinda saw his face but given the narrow slice at that angle, the shot we got was without a nose, so he looks like an alien. The profile assures us that he does in fact have a nose. :) Heartbeat, blood flow, fluid around him, etc., all look normal.

We'll all get to meet him in a little over two months. No name yet. I'm still pulling for Javier.


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