Best simple family weekend ever

posted by Jeff | Sunday, April 24, 2011, 10:27 PM | comments: 0

So far, there are a few events that we, the Puzzoni's with Simon, have done that really stand out in my mind. The trips to Ohio and Holiday World last year certainly stand out. Our Orlando vacation was also fantastic, and exceeded my expectations in almost every way. But this weekend was also great, and without really doing anything particularly grand.

It was really a perfect mix of weather and the timing of Simon's many developing attributes. I've enjoyed being his dad, and Diana's husband, more in the last weekend than I can qualify.

I took Friday off because of the nice weather. Diana was watching Mason, so we took the boys to the Cougar Mountain Zoo, a little zoo in Issaquah. Joe has a dual-seat wagon that we borrowed, and we took the kids up to see the tigers and other little critters. It's not a big zoo, probably an hour endeavor at most, but they just loved it. It's fun to see Simon pay attention to the animals.

After the afternoon naps, we walked up to Finaghty's for dinner, where Simon enjoyed their mac-n-cheese, and he sat in his booster with me in the booth. Sure, he still chucks certain things at times, but overall he's become such a good eater.

Saturday morning, I got up with him early, and we played in his room, read books and had more good bonding time. We spent time on the patio, in the sun, for the first time since we moved to this place. Later we walked up to one of the playgrounds for some good times there, and then walked all around the extended neighborhood, and even saw one of his PEPS friends, a neighbor about a block from us. The evening was filled with all kinds of mobility fun, and a great bath.

For Easter, we went over to Joe's for an early dinner. Simon got a bit cranky later around his nap time, and completely flipped out when we tried to put him down in Mason's bed. I picked him up and rocked with him for about 15 minutes, and it was really wonderful, like in his first month. I kind of miss those times. I really want him to chill out and be more flexible about where he sleeps, but as soon as I tried to move him he flipped out again, and I brought him home (where Joe and I played co-op Portal 2). The evening was filled with more fun play time.

All through the weekend, Simon giggled a lot with his great laugh. We did lots of assisted walking, and I swear he's going to do it on his own before we know it. He hasn't even been crawling for a month, but he's just so excited and proud of himself when he walks a few steps on his own. This is the most exciting time I've had as a father so far, and Diana and I still can't believe that we made such a cute kid. For all of the anxiety I've had lately over my house and switching jobs, this has been such a great weekend. I'm sad to see it end. I know parenthood isn't 24/7 superhappytime, but this was awesome in all of its simplicity.


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