Building 6

posted by Jeff | Tuesday, November 17, 2009, 10:15 AM | comments: 1

Today was my first "real" day of work, which of course was still occupied by various conversations, setting up a new machine and just trying to get established. But at least I know the where and what stuff today.

I'm in Building 6, which is one of the places that Bill Gates once had an office. It's a fairly unremarkable space in one corner of the building, actually, and before they built 37 it was shrouded in trees. The cluster of buildings around there have a lot of history with the company, which is kind of neat.

The group I work in sets up in team rooms, because it's just easier to collaborate that way. I have an office, as many others do, but apparently no one ever uses their offices. I suspect that makes a lot more sense, though I do find it weird to not have a place to stick a few picture frames and a lava lamp.

The thing I'm most bogged down in right now is the feeling that I'm never going to get to all of the HR type stuff I'm supposed to do online, but I know that'll pass. I also feel like things won't really get underway until I get back from Orlando.

But putting all of that aside, it's pretty cool just to be working at a company that's doing so many interesting things, even if they're not in your area of responsibility. I mean, I work for the company that makes the Xbox and the keyboards I'm so fond of, not to mention all of the development tools that got me there in the first place. It's very exciting, and it's the first time I've felt that about any company in ten years.



November 18, 2009, 8:37 AM #

I was in building 7, if I recall correctly. And it was one of the "newer" ones then. Crap I'm old...

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