Change of scenery was good

posted by Jeff | Thursday, June 18, 2009, 5:08 PM | comments: 0

The change of scenery with a couple of nights in Buffalo was good for me, especially since the weather pretty much forced me to hang out all day. I feel like I got a lot of code writing done, did a lot of reading and research related to code writing, and generally felt accomplished. I really needed that, as the monotony of daily life at home was getting to me.

I'm starting to finally feel like the things I'm doing today are laying ground work for something bigger, which for all of the times I've done this, I've never felt. I need to figure out how to bottle that, because it's a great motivator.

I also need to figure out something else to do with some of my time. Not getting out is taking its toll. I feel lonely and disconnected some days. Last weekend we went to a small party at Freeze's house and it was good to be around people, even if I didn't know most of them. I'm not nearly as anti-social as I paint myself. I need to do some volunteering or take up tennis or something. (Former co-workers, let me know when you're going to the alley!)

I need to get some things on the calendar for next week or I'll be certifiably crazy. I think I've got Monday covered, so that's a start.


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