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Simon is at a difficult stage lately, with his typical 2-year-old push-pull routine. The kid tests boundaries like crazy. One minute he's the sweetest little boy on the planet, the next, he's kind of annoying.

But he has also come to a point where he likes to cuddle-wrestle. Usually this means lying down next to you on the couch, bed or floor, and squirming around, flopping over you and giggling. Since I "go home" for lunch, we do this pretty regularly, and in the morning before I boot him out when I "go to work." It's really fantastic, and I can't put into words how grateful I am for this time with him.

In general, he's become very affectionate in the physical sense. He's even giving hugs and kisses to his teachers these days. It kind of makes up for tantrums over simple things, or when he's not getting his way. I only wish he'd also learn to be still and enjoy the moment the way we do. He has no capacity for being vegetative, in front of the TV or an open window (though I'm certainly not complaining). I do hope he'll eventually figure out how to chill.


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