Doctor visit with Diana

posted by Jeff | Friday, December 25, 2009, 1:07 AM | comments: 0

Diana has been having some minor spotting issues again (her cervix is not popular with OB's). Nothing to worry about as far as we can tell, but she's gotta do an ultrasound next week.

The new doctor is OK, but she doesn't have the personality and bedside manner of Dr. Nattisox and Nurse Debbie. What can I say, she was awesome. Maybe because she was our age or something. The new doc certainly seems to know her shit and I'm sure she'll work out fine, she's just new. I don't have any rapport with her. As if I were having the baby. :)

Anyway, the thing that stuck me as so weird is how not the Cleveland Clinic it is. I thought it was cool that Obama was citing the Clinic's record keeping skillz, but I didn't realize how sweet they really were. Here at this new place, they have folders and stacks of paper, and fax ultrasound orders. It all seems so incredibly inefficient, especially in a town where the world's biggest software company lives.

In any case, we're in the home stretch, and I'm terrified. I'm not ready. In fact, going downtown was more adventure when I'm still just trying to feel settled. I'm glad I feel comfortable on the east side at least.

Oh, and we had lunch at a brew pub in Issaquah, knocking another place off of the list. Wasn't impressed. Only three non-red meat choices, and two of those were appetizers.


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