Don't hate the pretties

posted by Jeff | Sunday, April 17, 2011, 10:29 AM | comments: 0

Recently on one of the TV shows we watch, a pretty young blonde character was taking crap from the frumpy older character, when she accused the older character of hating "the pretties." She pointed out that attractive people pretty much get their way up through their high school years, and then in adulthood, they tend to be discriminated against. You know, like Regina George.

This sounds absurd, but when I really thought about it, I think that there's some truth to it. I find myself experiencing one of two feelings around attractive women. Either I discount them as people, intellectually or otherwise, or I feel in some way intimidated by them. That's particularly absurd since I've been good friends with, and dated, "pretties" in the past.

It's pretty stupid that anyone would play into this cultural bias. I mean, most sane people wouldn't do the same for race or religion, so why hate on the pretties? My personal therapy for this has been to not say stupid things about attractive people, admit they're attractive and potentially good people. They can't help it that they're pretty (just kidding).


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