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I bought Fanboys, because at twelve bucks, it was not high risk despite the mixed reviews. It was annoyingly only released in "select cities," despite some fairly widespread promotion back in 2007. Reading the Wikipedia entry, I guess there were a lot of changes, then reversed changes, then reshoots and a long string of crap, but it's still odd that given that long road it wasn't more widely released. Regardless, I'll see anything with Kristen Bell. She's too charming to resist.

And it was pretty good. You know pretty much everyone in the movie, even if you don't know their names. It really pays homage to Star Wars, and slightly makes fun of the fandom. They take some serious shots at Trekkies, which is good stuff. More cameos than you can stand. It's a buddy movie, a road trip movie, a nerd-gets-the-girl movie, and generally entertaining. I think if you dig Star Wars, you'll dig the movie.


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