Finally, a little meaningful progress

posted by Jeff | Friday, October 26, 2007, 12:06 AM | comments: 0

I've been resenting CoasterBuzz, or rather the forthcoming code behind it, because the list of things to do to build it keeps growing. But I finally feel like I got something right tonight.

I "finished" the news system, which is to say it all works but isn't pretty yet. What makes it better is that, this time, the comments are actually driven by the forum app. When you look at a topic in the news discussion forum, it replaces the first post with exactly the same stuff you'd see on the news item, including the text and related parks.

The reason I'm so pleased with myself is actually because of the forum code. It took all of four lines of added code to the forum to make it work. All of the stuff I did for templating finally paid off. The pseudo code is something like, if first post and news forum, clear the control key and put in the UserControl that is shared with news detail. Done.

The part really hanging me up is still the park and coaster databases. A part of me really thinks it's time to scrap what I wrote last year for that and start over. It's just shitty. Other than that, I need to integrate the photo app testing on PointBuzz for the coaster photos, and the light content management app I've mostly written (for miscellaneous pages). If I come up with a look that I like, at that point I'm basically there. That feels a lot closer than I generally think.

I thought it would be nice to launch it just before IAAPA, but that would mean finishing it some time Sunday, 11/11. I don't think I can jam it out in two weeks like that. Stranger things have happened, I suppose.


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