Financial aftermath

posted by Jeff | Friday, November 27, 2009, 6:49 PM | comments: 0

Now that I have a functional desk and the file cabinet is in place, I was able to comb through all of the receipts and bills and what not that have been collecting for about three weeks. I have used my credit card almost exclusively because I was worried about cash flow, knowing that I'd have to plop down a bunch of cash for rent and a deposit, probably before I got my first pay.

And wow, it's pretty clear that I reached my limit of self-employment, because writing that first check was tough. Most of what I charged was moving related, and I'll get reimbursed for it all. Aside from the anxiety associated with trying to ditch the houses, I have a lot of anxiety related to paying off the debt dating back to the honeymoon in April. Consistent income eases the anxiety a little, and I'm optimistic about the direction of online advertising right now. I'm very anxious to see what a paycheck looks like here without state and local income tax.

It really could have been much worse. Summer was pretty good to me in terms of site traffic and ad revenue, though I was not paying off the expenses related to the sites, I was mostly paying myself.

And did I mention that I really like living here?


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