Hey baby, wanna park up on the ridge?

posted by Jeff | Thursday, March 4, 2010, 10:03 PM | comments: 0

Diana went out with her dad and Helen Ann last night to a seafood joint around the corner (I was suffering from the intestinal discomfort and opted out), and was turned on by the promise of a chocolate lava cake dessert. So when I got home for work, she suggested we go there to get it after Sam-in-law and Helen Ann made dinner.

It was delicious, and it was nice to have some quiet alone time. Wanting more alone time, she asked if there was anywhere I could go. I suggested we go up to the Microsoft park-and-ride lot where I get the Connector. When I was taking it more frequently, it was still dark, so I knew what to expect. You can see the outline of Tiger, Squak and Cougar Mountains up on the plateau, which is about 400 feet up. I-90 has a stream of lights that you can see almost to the 405, with a church steeple in Bellevue. It's a lot more interesting at sunrise or sunset, but it's still pretty cool.

We had a good talk, getting out some of the things we've been thinking about, but not saying out loud. One of the weird things is that we feel as if we never had "us time" here in Seattle, which is kind of a bummer. It's not that we have any regret or don't want the lad, but he's a part of this huge atomic unit of work that's hard to reconcile... the move, new job/no job, the house selling (or not selling), new socializing, nesting in a new place... it's just a lot to handle at the same time as having a baby.

But we also have the mutual assurance that we're going to handle whatever comes our way. That certainly makes it easier to sleep at night. And by the time I make the next blog post, we're going to need whatever sleep we can get!


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