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posted by Jeff | Monday, October 8, 2007, 12:19 AM | comments: 1

Let me be the next to complain about the crazy hot weather in October. Of course, I'll change my tune later this week when it doesn't even get to 60, but whatever. It's just a little crazy that I've had my air conditioning on, and obviously I'm not getting in my hot tub when it's like this.

This weekend involved much loafing, and it was awesome. Diana and I once again went to Halloweekends at Cedar Point on Friday night, and did a good bit of riding. Unfortunately, I kind of hurt my neck on Raptor for some reason, and that kind of brought me down. Between that and the loafing, I felt kind of like a slug. I'm out of shape and I don't like it. I'm starting to snap out of it though, and I'm crossing my fingers that this means that I'll actually do something about it.

There is another side effect of full-time dating that I really like though, that being less time spent connected. When I was single, I spent way too much time doing nothing online. I like not checking e-mail, not visiting my sites over and over, and just engaging myself in the real world. Online stuff doesn't quite hold the same appeal as it used to, which in turn gets me to question why I do what I do to some degree. Fortunately I get a little validation now and then at events or by e-mail or whatever that make me realize there are people who appreciate what I do.

Diana and I had a great moment last night, in a non-conventional sense. I played Halo while she knitted. I love that we can do things that interest us individually and then do things together. We've been talking a lot about doing together things... stay tuned. :)

This will be an interesting week.



October 8, 2007, 4:36 AM #

No anti-Catholic rallys?

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