How about that weather?

posted by Jeff | Tuesday, November 17, 2009, 12:17 AM | comments: 0

Watching the news here in Seattle amuses me, because all of the stuff that we take as normal in Northeast Ohio (snow, flooding, high winds, etc.) make the news as "extreme" here. Today in orientation they were telling us that if it's OK to work from home when it snows, do it. I suppose since most areas in the lower elevations suck at road treatment, maybe they're right, but it's still goofy.

The weirdest thing is that weather just materializes here. I've been watching Cleveland weather for more than 30 years, where it (generally) comes from the west, moves east, and strengthens or weakens depending on the time of day, temperature, etc. Here, systems move in off the ocean, but don't really do anything until they're "processed" by the mountains, and then elevation differences of a few hundred feet have different weather.


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