Hunger v. Pain

posted by Jeff | Friday, September 3, 2010, 11:14 PM | comments: 0

Imagine that you're hungry, but eating hurts. That's where Simon is right now. With his first two teeth, the lower middle, he was definitely hurting a little, but a little Orajel and he could still suck down a bottle in record time. With four teeth coming in at the same time on top, not so much. He's lucky at times to even get an ounce down before he just flips out. These are taking a lot longer to slip into place, with two that have breached, and two that are really close. I fear he's got another two weeks or so. And by then, he'll probably start pushing out some more!

One side effect of this is that he gets really hungry late in the evening. While it sucks for him to get up after only three hours, it does mean some nice sleepy cuddle time for us! Tonight he got up a little before 10, and took a whole 7 ounce bottle in almost no time, and with his eyes closed. I think that he stays relaxed helps, and I'm sure the hurt comes in waves. When he was done, I put him in the burping position, and he put his head down, and fell asleep almost instantly. It reminded me of his early days, when he could sleep anywhere.

But I put him on the changing table, and he was super mellow and sweet. Again, we both sat there staring at him and smiling, impressed with our genetic contributions. :)

While I don't worry that the kid isn't getting enough food (you've seen how chubby he is), I do worry about his general misery. He's not unhappy 100% of the time right now, but he's not exactly charming 100% of the time either. The whimpering is just awful. It's not crying, it's just pathetic moaning. I have to remind myself that he's not doing it on purpose.


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