It used to be a new roller coaster, now it's entire themed lands

posted by Jeff | Saturday, August 27, 2016, 8:05 PM | comments: 0

The fun thing about being a roller coaster nerd in the Midwest, and especially in Ohio, is that your favorite parks install new coasters now and then. I think I've attended the openings of six or seven new rides at Cedar Point alone, and it doesn't get old. This year was interesting because "we" got a new coaster at SeaWorld, and that's pretty rare here in Orlando. It's a pretty great ride, too.

One-off attractions like that are actually kind of rare for the theme parks down here. SeaWorld's Mako was a fringe case, as was the new Kong ride at Islands of Adventure. Normally you get something the scale of a Harry Potter area, or New Fantasyland (which did open in phases). Right now, they're working on that Avatar stuff at Animal Kingdom (totally strange choice), and they've gutted Hollywood Studios to build a new Toy Story Land and something grand for Star Wars. It's weird to see all of that massive construction, and that it takes years to finish something.

I don't know why I find construction of stuff to be so interesting. The novelty of houses being built has worn off (because I'm tired of the noise), but at least we have constant attraction building around us. I kind of wish I worked in Imagineering or something, so I could see stuff in progress.


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