Last weekend at Cedar Point

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While we planned to do something at Cedar Point the last operating weekend, we weren't really sure what. Then Tyler asked about our plans and things came together where we were able to share a room at Breakers with the Neu's.

I did not get a lot of action at Cedar Point this year, just because of weather and just the general busy nature of the year. In fact, it was just yesterday that I finally got on Raptor and Wicked Twister for the fist time this year. But there is a lot of weirdness around the fact that I've had a season pass for 12 straight seasons, and now I'm not even sure if I'll get there until next fall. I'd like to come in for the mini-golf tournament and media event for Shoot the Rapids, but I'm not optimistic about it. Also, I'm more the coding/server guy for PointBuzz, but I've enjoyed shooting video for the site.

We started the day going to Chet & Matt's for pizza. They sure have yummy pizza there. Then we stopped by the Walsh household to see Lois, followed by a visit to Tim's office so he could see us off.

In any case, we've had some good opportunities in the last year to hang out with Tyler and Beth, and I was excited to see them again. Even at a decade younger, I see them doing a lot of things that we're doing now in terms of career changes, changing cities and thinking about families and such. Plus they're fun people to hang out with that everyone likes.

We also ran into Jeff and Rebekah later in the evening, and they hung out with us while Diana and Beth went back to the room. Jeff has been out shooting with the camera I sold him, showing an obvious lust for shooting night stuff. (The microdrive I gave him with it apparently is flaking on him today, which I feel really bad about.)

Diana mentioned as we were driving down the causeway that it's amazing how many memories we have there, even after just three seasons together. Indeed, the place, less than the rides and park itself, have been such a big part of my life the last dozen years, and it's weird that I won't have easy access to it anymore. So many good memories there. From me and Stephanie going there to shoot construction photos, to getting Cath on her first coaster ride, to making fun of Dan and his Magnum obsession, to Tim starting his new job there, to the third date that I had with Diana... so many good times.

One of the many things I'm very thankful for as we begin new adventures and I reflect on my life so far.


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