Laugh at the wonder of it all

posted by Jeff | Sunday, August 3, 2014, 12:16 PM | comments: 0

A few people who know me better than the rest of the world know that the song "Sound" by James is my all-time favorite song. It's hard to explain why, because it's really simple lyrically, but "big" in its sound. There are times where I'll listen to it and I feel like I'm instantly over any particular thing that's troubling me.

The line that used to stand out the most to me was this:

Do everything you fear. In this there's power. Fear is not to be afraid of.

I think that's still an important thing to remember, though the weight of it has been somewhat reduced by the last few generations turning "no fear" into a cliche and a T-shirt slogan. Fuckers.

These days, likely because of age and experience, the line that sticks out now is even more simple:

Laugh at the wonder of it all.

It's so easy to get wrapped up in shit storms, drama and the evil in the world that the most simple and amazing things are obscured. We stop noticing all of the old cliches that came before no fear, like flowers, puppies, baby smiles and rainbows. But you know, seeing my kid ride a tricycle is a wonder. So is the concentration Diana has when quilting, or the sleepy grooming habits of one of our cats. How do we sweat the small stuff but never see the important small stuff?

We have to remember to laugh more.


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