Life's biggest moments

posted by Jeff | Saturday, December 4, 2004, 11:27 PM | comments: 1
We watched The Girl Next Door tonight. If you've never seen it, get it. While you'd think it was just another stupid teen sex movie, it's actually very cleverly written with great characters (that, and Elisha Cuthbert isn't exactly hard to look at for two hours).

The movie kind of starts and ends on references to big moments in this life, in particular graduating from high school and celebrating those "once in a lifetime moments." I suppose others that would qualify include prom (which I didn't go to), first day of college, college graduation, first new job, marriage, birth of a child, etc.

For the most part, I guess it's safe to say that these events happen largely in sequence and few are repeated. That idea undoubtedly doesn't sit well with a lot of people, and might even be depressing. I'm here to tell you it shouldn't be.

First of all, the big events happen about four years apart. Our last one was our wedding four years ago, so the way I see it, we're due for a really big deal any day now. Maybe that's going to be some great vacation or something. Maybe a trip to nationals. Who knows?

There are moderately cool events too. Our last one was just a couple of weeks ago in Orlando, and others this year included our annual party and a trip to Baltimore, which included good times at Medieval Times and, coincidentally, we saw The Girl Next Door. Even the shitty hotel was kinda funny.

The biggest danger is that you'll miss the smaller moments that happen all of the time. Things like your wife doing the white girl overbite dance, the cats getting nutty, a big birthday party... it could be so many different things. Frequently we're looking for gigantic gestures of our lives when there are so many great little things that happen every day.

I'm trying very hard to notice these things. Everyone has tough times now and then, but you still keep getting new good memories to store with all of the other ones. You just need to stop and realize it.

Make new memories today.



December 6, 2004, 2:01 AM # The little things are cool, but the big moments make you stop and take notice. Some things make you feel special. Or maybe you fall in love all over again. Who knows, but the big moments are nice too.

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