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posted by Jeff | Thursday, December 10, 2009, 6:18 PM | comments: 0

My plans to upgrade/lateral grade my Mac Pro all came together in the scope of a couple of hours today. I put it up on craigslist a couple of days ago to see if it would get any action. My motivation is that I've wanted a bigger screen for awhile, in terms of resolution. But in looking at the available monitors, they're all crazy expensive and not LED-lit. I can't bring myself to spend a grand or as much as $1,600 for a big monitor. Then when George got his 27" iMac, it occurred to me that you can get one of those almost for the price of a stand-alone monitor.

So the plan was that if I could sell my Mac Pro for a few hundred bucks under the cost of a 27" iMac, I'd be replacing my three-year-old machine with something new and with the giant screen. That's the nice thing about Macs, they actually retain some value. Having quad-core is nice, but aside from compression jobs, I'm never taking advantage of that. So going to a dual-core machine, with faster CPU's, is still a win.

The 27" models are in high demand, but I found one at a Pacific NW chain called "The Mac Store." The place is slightly ghetto compared to a bona fide Apple Store, but whatever. I got in, got out, and started the data transfer as soon as I got home.

I'm excited it came together quickly, and inside this tax year. No purchase regret at all when it only cost a few hundred bucks for the upgrade.


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