Man power, power washing and power packing

posted by Jeff | Friday, November 6, 2009, 1:12 AM | comments: 0

OK... I'm fairly exhausted now, and I really wasn't doing much work.

The day was reasonably productive from the start, which was a welcome change from yesterday. I got the water damage fix painted with primer, which of course doesn't match the primer paint that still adorns my living room, but whatever. When someone buys it, they can paint.

I also got the temp housing address, the cable canceled and some organizational type things squared away. I also put together a travel kit with snacks, beverages, magazines and other entertainment. Diana was thankfully let go from work early too from her last day. Seven and a half years!

The hot tub guys got in late afternoon, and wow was it a bitch to get that thing out. They've got this awesome trailer and roller thing to move it horizontally, but they had to first tip it up on the deck and on to their roller thing, then get it down the stairs. They actually built this ramp thing just today, and put it over the steps. Remarkably, it worked. Took them about an hour.

Leo showed up shortly thereafter with his power washer, which is one of the most awesome things I've ever seen. I don't know why I didn't already have one of these. In any case, he gave the deck quite rub down with it, and I was just shocked at how new it looked. There was green stuff growing all around the tub, and the railings in particular were a bit nasty (probably from me dumping hot gross water on them). We ran out of gas once, and it started to rain midway through, but Dad pressed on and got it done. He uses the thing mostly for his wood siding and to clean the boat. Some day, I will have one.

After that, I grilled the final chicken breasts, and realized I need to clean the grill before they pack it (whatever that actually involves). We're getting down to some serious emptiness in terms of food, though I still have an awful lot of chicken strips left. They're pretty much my favorite things that Schwans makes. Very delicious.

Before dinner even, Diana started separating out clothes for both the drive, temporary housing and for the Disney trip. This will be a serious pain in the ass, and I still haven't quite done that. I spent most of the time packing electronic stuff (computers, video games, stereo, etc.), and I'm not quite done. Will attack those two things first thing in the morning.

The dudes show up in the morning, and hopefully they'll start with the kitchen or something so we can finish dividing up the temp and vacation stuff. Tomorrow will be a long day, I suspect.


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