Mattress shopping

posted by Jeff | Sunday, June 28, 2009, 12:55 AM | comments: 0

With Diana sleeping in a hotel for much of the last two weeks, you can imagine that her desire to replace the crappy mattress at home has only been reinforced. So we ventured out to the store where I've bought all of my furniture to see what we could find.

As the sales woman said, pretty much everything is on sale these days, because stuff won't move otherwise. We ended up getting a Stearns & Foster mid-range bed, which was around $1,500 after tax. More than we wanted to spend, but as people who sell that shit are fond of saying, you spend a third of your life in bed, so you might as well be comfortable.

I think the mattress I bought in 1996 cost $350 at most. It's some cheap Sealy, I think. It wasn't until I started to travel more a few years later that I realized it wasn't a very good bed, and it was simply adequate. With Diana's lingering muscle issues related to the vertigo last year, we really can't mess around with crap this time.

So we're in another same-as-cash deal, along with my bike and some amount of carpet money still remaining. But you know, even in what is either a crappy job hunting time or true transitional period for me, we're going to be a little more careful about spending, but we're not going to stop either. One way or another, things financially will improve over the course of the next year. I also need to remember that I'm not expected to be the ultimate breadwinner in this relationship, since Diana is quite employed.

A week from Tuesday, we'll finally get a good night's sleep.


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