Mix - Day 2 and 3

posted by Jeff | Thursday, April 14, 2011, 12:36 PM | comments: 0

The second day of the conference was very dense, and the last session wrapped at 6. They even split the after-lunch hour into two, so there was double the action there. It was getting difficult to assimilate anything toward the end of the day.

The keynote went into a lot of details about the forthcoming updates for the phone, mostly from the developer perspective, as well as some stuff about Silverlight 5. They also did some interesting demos with Kinect, using the PC-based SDK. One demo had a motorized chair controlled by it. I slipped out just before the end, which is a bummer because that's when they announced that attendees would all receive a free Kinect (employees not included). I did hear people go ape shit from the hall.

I talked to virtually all of the contacts I've made in the Windows Azure org, and made some new contacts with the guys who are covering the new AppFabric caching service, which is awesome. At some point I'm gonna adapt the forums to use that, and see how they roll in Azure.

I think this was the most engaged I've been in any day of any of the four Mix conferences I've been to. The quality of the content this year has been completely awesome. It was nice to wind down the day seeing Lion King.

On the third day I only went to morning stuff, because of my flight time. With NAB ending as well, I did not want to mess with long waits at the airport. I think my concern was well founded, because I just got through, and it was already a 20 minute wait. Lots of time to kill, but I just saw "Major Nelson" (the Xbox Live guy from Microsoft), so perhaps I'll make some conversation with him.

Pretty solid conference. If I'm here next year, I suspect it might be to work in some fashion, instead of just absorb content, but that's OK.


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