Move Day 1: Cleveland to South Bend

posted by Jeff | Tuesday, November 10, 2009, 7:12 AM | comments: 0

My day started with a pick-up from Cousin Dave to the airport, where I picked up our car, a Dodge Grand Caravan. It's fairly comfortable, and fairly enormous, though not efficient. Looks like I'm doing around 22 mpg so far, which hurts the soul a little.

The packing went pretty smoothly today, as far as I can tell. The driver actually lives south of Seattle. They were done around 2:30, after an 8-ish start. I was absolutely amazed to see our stuff packed in the truck with amazing efficiency. He'll have three or four loads total, and is heading up to Minneapolis.

The cars were picked up also, the first by some nearly elderly guy who took an hour and a half to get Diana's car on the deck and out. The guy who picked up mine an hour later was in and out in ten minutes.

When we got the last few items out and packed into the van, I did a quick run-through the house to make sure that it was in fact empty. I was pretty emotional about it, but once in the car, the cats were crying and so I let it go, and we got under way a little after 4.

The boys were a freaking out the first hour or so, and we decided that they'll be pilled up tomorrow before leaving, and probably in the cages. The girls were fairly cooperative, and Cosmo in particular took most of the trip like a champ in the passenger foot well. She did a little protesting, and really wanted to be under my feet, but she did OK. Once in the hotel, she pretty much owned the place.

Once in South Bend, we went looking for food, and failed. The hotel is pretty close to downtown, and there isn't shit open. We drove all over the damn place for 20 minutes before getting up toward the Notre Dame campus, and we found a Chipotle and Five Guys, open late. It felt like a flashback to our first day in Hawaii, where we couldn't find shit in the dark in Hilo. We got the take out, took it back, and enjoyed it the best we could. We were under our reimbursement limit for the day by about $85.

After dinner we called Cath to ask about the boys ridiculous panting, and she suggested to just keep them cool in those situations, as the nerves cause overheating. It's nice having a vet "on call" like that.

I'm trying to catch up on CB news, but it's just not gonna happen tonight, unfortunately. The Wi-Fi sucks and I'm completely fried. Nine hours through Chicago and into southern Minnesota tomorrow. Looking at the pic I posted to Facebook of my empty living room, the emotions are trickling back to me about that moment, but I don't have anything left today to truly react.


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