Moving (again)

posted by Jeff | Wednesday, September 15, 2010, 8:19 PM | comments: 0

As much as moving is one of the single shittiest things one can do, we need to move. Apartment life blows. In terms of the space itself, our place isn't bad. It's a reasonable size, if somewhat less than ideal. However, we're tired of the close quarters of people and kids, and views of a retaining wall. The reality is that we won't be buying a house soon, so it's important that we find a place we can actually live in and be comfortable.

Diana started looking at rental houses and townhomes and what not. It'll be a little pricy, but if Diana's job is homemaker, she should work in a nice place. She found several places with potential already, and we went to look at one late this afternoon.

So here's the dilema... The place is pretty awesome but has two issues. The first is the distance, because it would bump my commute from 23 to 35 minutes. I shouldn't care that much... it's still one of the shorter times I've had. It also costs more, by about $400 a month. The flip side is that there are so many ideal things it's not even funny, not the least of which is that we could actually have people over now and then. And you can see mountains from most of the windows.

If we can find a company that does local moves for a reasonable price, I'm pretty much sold. Moving was actually not that big of a deal last time around when someone else is doing it for you. It takes at least three or four weeks to feel settled, but in this case, perhaps it'll be worth it.

I just dread the idea of moving again.


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