Not all of Christianity is bad after all

posted by Jeff | Thursday, December 2, 2004, 5:55 PM | comments: 2
In the last year you'd think that most Americans have gone totally nuts in a negative direction regarding what they call Christianity. On more that one occasion in my life I've felt that organized religion in general is out of control, and the last year has been particularly bad.

When I say something like that, usually the hardcore come back and say that flaming liberal types are worse. My personal feeling is that thoughtless liberalism is just as bad as thoughtless "me too" conservatism.

So the United Church of Christ started airing a new ad, and some of the networks won't show it. They have in on their site here:

Basically, there are some bouncer types and a velvet rope in front of the church, and they turn away gay, Latin and Asian folks. It's followed by an all-inclusive shot of a UCC congregation that includes lesbians, black folks, etc. The tag line is that "Jesus didn't turn people away."

I know that Christians in general are not bad and hateful people, but Christianity as a whole has a real perception problem. It's worse in the Middle East, and it shouldn't come as a surprise that so many Muslims see the US offensives as a war on Islam.

But this ad gives me hope. I think religion is supposed to be about celebrating faith, not fearing it or mourning it. This is certainly a step in that direction.



December 3, 2004, 12:38 AM # I saw the ad on GMA today. I hope the ad persuades some more people to change their minds, make the jump into something organized.

The whole "gay in church" topic really gets my tongue tied. I think gays should be able to do most if not all things that heterosexuals can, but I have a problem with them practicing a religion that, according to those that read The Bible more than I have, disagrees with a homosexual lifestyle.

However, I am just as big as hypocrite, looking away from some pretty big "rules" in the Catholic Church.

Perhaps if I were a good little boy, I wouldn't have a problem with "sinful" people joining "my" church. Since I am not, I might as well join them.

Sorry to ramble, Jeff.


December 3, 2004, 5:24 AM # There are actually some interesting papers by theological scholars on the UCC site about how the anti-gay interpretation is taken out of context. They also mention that if you are to make these interpretations, then you should also be excluding other races. That explains the basis for the ad.

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