Ouimet interview

posted by Jeff | Thursday, April 26, 2012, 10:43 PM | comments: 0

I posted the Ouimet interview today on CB (and Walt on PB). Really happy with the content, but would've liked the technical side of it to be better. Even with the lighting I had, it was difficult and overcast in places. If I had a grip, I'd have someone with my reflector! Audio was pretty solid though. Buying all of that wireless stuff and a variety of microphones has paid for itself a hundred times over.

With some documentary type stuff this year, I'm going to try and shoot with the AF100 instead. That camera has more dynamic range, and less noise, so as long as I don't blow out exposure (pretty easy to avoid with proper zebras), I'll have an easier time color correcting. The HVX is frustrating because there just isn't enough to work with. Well planned and lit stuff works great, but hostile run-and-gun without a second person doesn't work as well.

I bought a new tripod with the AF100, too, because as soon as you put big lenses, rails, a follow focus and other accessories on it, it starts to get too heavy for my trusty old tripod. That, and I really wanted something with a smoother head and a ball mount so I could quickly level it. I couldn't justify spending on a carbon fiber rig, so the Manfrotto I bought is kind of heavy, but it's really solid.


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