Overwhelming brain dump

posted by Jeff | Monday, November 2, 2009, 11:17 PM | comments: 0

I need to rattle off a series of posts tonight to process life. I'm feeling completely overwhelmed right now as the reality of the move is right around the corner. I got the offer from Microsoft a month ago today, and it's hard to believe how quickly (and slowly) things have been moving.

Moving the 9,000+ pounds of stuff we own still doesn't really concern me at all. I'm not worried about the cars, the rentals, the temp housing, or even the apartment hunt at this point. Most if it is taken care of. The job doesn't even worry me, and frankly I can't get started soon enough.

There are just a few key issues that stress me out. In no particular order:

  • Traveling with the cats. Cosmo in particularly worries me for some reason. I don't know what my worry is exactly, but what if they don't eat or poop or something?
  • Planning for our vacation. It seems absurd to think that because we won't have access to all of our stuff, we essentially have to pack for our trip after Thanksgiving. That probably shouldn't worry me.
  • Diana's comfort. All of the weird sharp pains and discomfort she's having is apparently mostly normal, but I hope to God she can be as comfortable as possible in that mini-van, especially on the longest travel days.
  • Loose ends. I'm making lists, but I feel like there are more and more little things to keep track of. Getting rid of cable, making sure I have my SS card to start work, getting a vet for cat sleepy pills, calling an electrician to disconnect the hot tub, paint the spot of water dam damage... I feel like I'll forget to do something important.
  • The house. It's priced to sell, but if it sits on the market for any extended period of time, that's going to suck. It's not I won't be able to afford to make the payments, but continuing to pay on that mortgage is just pissing away cash.

Stuff will work out, and I know this. I think I'll feel better when we've got a day or two of travel finished. Then I'll have time to process the emotional aspects of this huge change.


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