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posted by Jeff | Monday, June 8, 2009, 4:07 PM | comments: 1

Well, the most rational iPhone rumors turned out to be true, with a new 32 gig model being a part of the line up. What's annoying is the lack of MMS support or tethering for AT&T, at least for the moment. I really wish they didn't have that exclusivity. What a bummer. Still, you know I'm going to eventually buy one, though I don't have run out right away.

Overall, there's a nice combination of new hardware and software features for the 3GS. I think the killer app is obviously the TomTom accessory because it's not just GPS, but also a total hands-free enabler and radio transmitter. That'll be cool.

I was surprised to see a spec boost and price drop on the laptops already, which is only to be expected since I just got mine a few months ago. You can never stay ahead of the curve for very long, but that's OK. God knows it has served me really well so far in Vegas and Hawaii. Really smart move going to the longer life, internal batteries on the rest of the line. Makes even the 13" really attractive.



June 8, 2009, 10:49 PM #

I think I'd love a laptop with dual boot and run XP on it and some killer artwork and photography apps. Dream on.

BTW, I love the post-it links and the overall look of your blog.

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