Salty and chilled

posted by Jeff | Tuesday, November 24, 2009, 8:44 PM | comments: 0

OK, I admit it, I was a little salty today. I had weird dreams last night, the chaos in the apartment was getting to me, Seattle drivers are trying to kill me, and the previously mentioned self-induced stress around non-contribution at work put me in a shitty mood. I just felt spent and annoyed with people.

By lunch, one of the guys on my team helped me finally get my box ready to develop on, which is not straight forward for a number of reasons (read: LiveID, a.k.a. Passport support), and so I can hopefully start being a real contributor once I get back. Then we took a break to see some video that one of the PM's was sharing for her 2nd degree black belt testing, which was pretty interesting. I just worked out of the pissy state.

Then once I got home, aside from a lamp that caught fire, I was happy to be there. Diana made even more progress with boxes, and I brought home a propane cylinder to fire up the grill. After dinner I just passed out for an hour, and I woke up relaxed.

Now I feel chilled out. I feel like I actually live here, and that there's some sense of normal on the horizon. Granted, that'll be totally tossed on its side again when Little Puzzoni gets here, but that's OK. Seeing the sib-in-laws be parents puts me at ease.

Now we just have to find enough of our stuff to pack it for vacation!


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