Sleepy little guy

posted by Jeff | Saturday, March 13, 2010, 11:27 AM | comments: 0

Simon is swaddled up next to me on the couch sleeping, and it's pretty adorable. Diana is getting some much needed sleep in bed, and I hope we can stretch this out into a three hour nap for her. Probably wishful thinking.

For me at least, last night went pretty well. I slept in chunks of one hour, two hours and about three and a half. I'm still a little tired, but more or less functional. And I got just enough rest that getting up to change him or otherwise entertain me was something I actually was excited about. I'll freely admit that I wondered if this joy would ever come, because most of the first week was about being exhausted, or irrationally staring at him for hours to make sure he was breathing. Isn't that ridiculous?

But every day he seems more durable, more aware and exhibits personality. There's a part of us that wishes he'd stay small even. Alas, he's gonna get big, probably sooner than later, given his over-achiever status.


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