Slightly sick little guy

posted by Jeff | Thursday, April 19, 2012, 10:17 PM | comments: 0

For all my earlier ranting about how Simon was so difficult lately, he woke up from his nap with bright red ears and cheeks, sporting a slight fever. Poor little guy. He was somewhat active in the afternoon, but by the time we got to pajama time (an hour before bed), he was clearly chilling out.

In fact, putting him to be tonight was probably the easiest it has been in months. He was very sweet and cuddly. Unfortunately, an hour and a half in, it started to sound like he was drowning in his own snot. So much coughing, some of it sounding like he was going to throw up. We went up and I held him upright while Diana gave him meds, and clearly last night's issues, whatever they were, have made him super tired tonight. He couldn't even lift his head off of my shoulder.

Diana went up to sit in the chair with him for awhile, because the coughing and gagging isn't getting better. Being on his back is clearly not going to make it better! It's just heartbreaking to hear him like that, especially since he's so tired.

It's funny how being sick can bring out deeper connections between people, whether it's with your small child or your spouse. Granted, I'm probably just as big of a baby when I'm sick as I was at Simon's age.


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