Slow going at the new place

posted by Jeff | Sunday, November 22, 2009, 12:00 AM | comments: 0

The boxes never stop. It's really discouraging. Diana is miserable because her allergies are completely kicking her ass. I've never seen her this bad. I'm wheezing a little myself, so I can only expect that her unmedicated state is awful given her typical issues. The more we unpack, the more dust we kick up, and it's all from the old house. And of course, she's on a mission to tear through as much stuff as possible. She can't breathe, can't lie down and sounds awful. I don't know what to do.

There has been some progress. I'd say the kitchen is on the verge of being 75% functional. Diana spent much time trying to organize that, which is a challenge since it's a lot smaller of a space than we had at the house. For the little gains we have in living room, master bedroom and bathroom space, we definitely lose a bit on the kitchen (and the third bedroom).

I attacked the living room entertainment stuff. Everything is in place except for the DVR there, and I'll get that tomorrow. I've looked through much of the office stuff, and I at least have a pretty good idea of where everything is. Getting the bookshelf in order is key to getting started.

We have a bunch of bookshelves, but the problem with them all is that they're not tall enough and too wide for the space we have. There's one spot in particular near my desk that needed just such a shelf, so we went off to Ikea, since I wanted to explore desk options anyway.

I actually intend to make an entire post about the Ikea visit, but for the time being, know that I got a new desk and the required bookshelf. With several additional, smaller items, we got out of there for around $500, which isn't completely unreasonable, I don't think. It's all pretty heavy and durable stuff. I still need to go back for a little set of drawers to put under the desk.

Getting out was something we really needed, because it got Diana out of the dust cloud, and retail therapy, especially for the purpose of equipping a new place, is kind of fun, if not exhausting in its own way.

The only food we really had was breakfast stuff, so we found our beloved All-Clad frying pan and had hashbrowns and eggs for dinner. Diana is still up, and pretty upset too about her non-breathing situation. I hoped we could just wind down with some of the new Lego Indiana Jones 2 tonight, but I didn't get everything hooked up fast enough.

The place looks more functional than it did when we woke up, but it's still so overwhelming. I'm not mentally prepared to think about the storage issue we'll face. Thank God this is a short week. No work on Wednesday either, apparently because of an exceptional giving drive last month. I expect we may be playing babysitter to Nina if her brother decides to be born, but that's good news. We'll also finally have our cars back on Monday.


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