Super Bowl antics

posted by Jeff | Monday, February 2, 2004, 9:36 AM | comments: 5
For the first time I can remember, the Super Bowl this year was actually more interesting than the TV commercials. I mean, right down to the end of the game it was interesting. The only bad part was the first quarter, which was about as boring as watching golf.

This morning on the radio all they talked about was the half-time show. Apparently what we thought was Janet Jackson's boob with a pastie was actually her naked nipple with a "shield" piercing (it's a decorative ring that surrounds the nipple held in place by a bar through the middle).

I say who cares, as the entire half-time show was about as lame as could be, and a disgrace to MTV which had put together some nice shows in years past. Janet: We can tell you're lip-syncing and it's weak. You're better than that.

Nelly sucks. P Diddy is worse. He's an arrogant megalomaniac who has no musical skill of his own. How many 80's songs is he going to do a rap vocal over? Lame lame lame. Rap has become so lame with so many me-too artists. The only folks worth mentioning at the moment are Outkast and Missy. If Eminem and the Beasties could get something out again that would help.

Kid Rock wasn't horrible I guess. Apparently he's taking crap for wearing a flag as a poncho. That guy is so patriotic it borders on being cliche, and people accuse him of being disrespectful? The guy has been in the Middle East more than anyone in Washington for God's sake. Of course, I'll never understand why people get so fired up about flag burning or whatever. I personally think we should celebrate the irony that the very freedom the flag represents allows us to burn it. I mean, isn't that what this country is about, or do we make exceptions for anything that doesn't fall within our personal beliefs? Shit, we tore Afghanistan a new asshole for doing just like that.

The only non-game highlights were Aerosmith's pre-show performance. It's about fucking time they did something other than that lame-ass song from that movie a couple of years ago. Dream On was very appropriate, and they perform it better than ever.

I also liked the Bud spot with the Donkey. That was fun.

Still, for a change, a game that was actually interesting. Congrats to the Patriots.



February 2, 2004, 7:09 PM # What I find interesting is that Justin Timberlake is calling it a wardrobe error. If it was an error then why did it look so rehearsed? It was planned, otherwise she would not have had that shield on. What is worse is it has gotten her the attention she wanted to get. Hell, here I am talking about it.


February 2, 2004, 7:16 PM # The halftime show blows donkey dookie. I saw that sucking from a mile away. Jessica Simpson needs to go somewhere. I feel sorry for Nick. He's working too damn hard for the poo-tang.
Aerosmith is good, but how many damn Super Bowls do they have to perform in. This is Re-GODDAMN-dicolus. And what is up with the Solid Gold hit parade, Janet's doing a song from 1988...19-fucking-88!!!!.
Justin was the only relevant artist there. Nelly & Diddy rap, but they are not HIP-HOP. I want to hear "Hot in Herrre" again, that'll make it 20 millionth time.
I'm glad Janet Jackson showed some boob, now I know that it wasn't Michael on stage.
Finally, GOD BLESS KID ROCK!!!!!!!! He actually spoke into the microphone, what a novel concept!! a mic. WOW!!!
Oh yeah, PATS SUCK!!!


February 2, 2004, 10:41 PM # Bah! I'll take Rhythm Nation to anything she's done in the past few years. "Janet" was her last good album.

I know girls with pierced nipples. The shields are not things they wear just to show it to people. It's not any different from a simple barbell, it's just what they like to wear.


February 2, 2004, 10:43 PM # I think we all forgot to mention Beyonce's Star Spangled Banner...she really can sing!

I'm so gay for her. :)


February 2, 2004, 11:56 PM # We were watching the game in HD (which is amazing), but missed the incident the first time around. One person at my party was like "Wait, did I just see what I thought I saw?", so we switched to my PVR, which is only SD but I was recording the game on in case we wanted to replay something. Little did I know I'd be replaying the halftime show!

The "wardrobe error" was staged, no doubt. A friend of mine sent me a link to Drudge Report (that fine bastion of reporting ;) ) that claimed CBS was in on it from the start. I doubt that (if just because if Drudge says it's true, it's probably not ;) ).

My friends and I were tossing around theories:

1. Lame attempt to resurrect a dead career (Janet's or Justin's, take your pick).

2. Lame attempt to distract attention away from Janet's freakshow brother.

3. CBS did it to see how many people actually WATCH the halftime show (just count the complaint calls).

The commercials this year were disappointing. Best one, by far, as the referee taking verbal abuse from the coach. "How do you train for something like that?" Cut to the same ref at home, taking a verbal beating from his wife. We all cracked up at that one.

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