Thanksgiving upgrade

posted by Jeff | Friday, November 27, 2009, 12:07 AM | comments: 0

Last Thanksgiving, we were pulling up carpet for the house I no longer live in, and it was a miserable experience. This year, we spent the evening with Joe, Kristen and Nina. Obviously that was quite an upgrade from last year.

Kristen should've had the new baby boy by now, but alas, she's still with child. She was in pretty good spirits and did not appear outwardly uncomfortable, though she said her craving for beer gets greater by the day. Pregnant women have the strangest cravings.

The turkey was delicious, and perhaps the best I've ever had. Joe cut thick slices, indicating that they stay warmer longer and don't dry out quickly. One of a number of Alton Brown's tips, apparently. It was truly amazing stuff. He also made some mashed potatoes, baked with some finely grated cheese on top. Also very delicious.

I had quite a bit of wine, which brought out my most talkative side, and also made me somewhat needy. I liked talking about Thanksgivings past and what not.

We had a great moment on the way home, where I realized that we weren't simply visiting on a holiday. We weren't going to an airport or a hotel, we were just going home. Every time I realize we live here, it makes me happy.


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