The physical toll

posted by Jeff | Monday, March 15, 2010, 11:44 PM | comments: 0

The last couple of days have been pretty difficult for us both. We're doing our best to get sleep when we can, but the physical manifestation of sleep deprivation is starting to show.

It's much worse for Diana, as you would expect. She's got all kinds of abdomen pain, and the Percocet is gone. Worse, she's still got swollen lymph nodes and blocked ducts that just won't clear, risking infection. To top it all off, the hormones are so extreme that a sappy TV commercial makes her cry. I know she'll be fine in the long run, but I hate seeing her so physically and emotionally a mess.

Meanwhile, last night I had the strange inability to sleep. Simon gave us a nice four-hour window, and I squandered half of it looking at the ceiling. I didn't nap during the day at all. How you can be so tired that you can't sleep is beyond me, but I'm just about shot. On top of that, I'm getting acid reflux and that strange rash I had last summer has come back, though it's at least confined to my leg.

Fortunately, our moods are generally improved when we get some play time with Simon. He's awake enough now that we can kind of talk to him and play with his appendages while he looks around for a half-hour or so. He makes new faces every time, and has even eeked out a few new noises that strike me as the start of actual non-crying vocalization. He's such a beautiful little kid, and we're thankful to have him. Hopefully this week things will get a little easier.


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