There's a short screenplay in my head

posted by Jeff | Monday, April 18, 2011, 10:45 PM | comments: 0

I've got a screenplay idea in my head. It has a beginning and an ending. It's the middle part that I'm having trouble with.

As my friends and readers know, I've been looking outward for a short screenplay to shoot, because I figure that if I have no part in the writing, I can concentrate entirely on the craft of shooting and directing. Unfortunately, I haven't seen anything that I'd want to shoot. I've looked around the Internet for stuff (and have been browsing Amazon's studio thing too, but I'm not fond of their terms), but nothing tickles me.

So the idea in my head really comes down to one thing. I have to decide if it's a comedy or drama. It could go either way. Comedy is hard because if it's not funny, you're left with nothing, but drama is hard because you're always at risk of being preachy or cliche. I think the comedy route might be easier. Whatever I might choose, I need to get something on paper. Ten to fifteen pages shouldn't be that big of a deal. It might not even need to be that long.

This is something I should have gotten out of my system at least two years ago. Once I have a draft I like, I need a little more equipment, a couple of actors, and hopefully friends to crew. I think I could pull it off for under a grand. If I can get that in the can, then maybe I can consider something feature length.

It's right there in front of me. Perhaps if I commit this fact the blogosphere, it will motivate me to follow through. There are all of these "leisure time" things I enjoy, and aside from still photography, mostly of my kid, I'm not doing them. I can't be a talker, I need to be a doer.


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