Thinking about cars (can't sleep)

posted by Jeff | Friday, March 19, 2010, 12:26 AM | comments: 0

How screwed up is it that I can't sleep? Because of my respiratory distress that I feel like I'm finally kicking, I took some NyQuil, but I'm up like it's my job. Sigh.

I got out of the house for the first time in three days this afternoon, to go to the bank and acquire supplies at Target. I got to thinking about how much I still want to replace my car. I don't need to. Well, I can come up with a few bullshit excuses, like it's six years old and spent its life in Cleveland winters, and all of the body damage from snow and salt you can't see is already starting. That's pretty much all I've got.

And I'm not much of a car guy either, but I am still fixated on the Prius. It's the gadget factor. Whenever I get in one of the cars in the Microsoft Shuttle fleet, I think, gosh, I could watch that damn display all day. And you know, there are some nice deals they're putting out there since Toyota is apparently suffering from an image problem or something.

I have a feeling those deals aren't going to last, either. Mr. Runaway Prius in California is apparently a fraud, and they called out that professor's simulated runaway car demo as bullshit they could do with any car. I suspect that reality will probably settle in about how uncommon the problems really are.

Still the deal I made with myself was to wait until my house was sold, but at this rate, I'm not that optimistic about it. That there are two other houses in the subdivision going lower on a per-square-foot basis isn't helping (fuckers). I just feel like I deserve to buy something for myself that's new and shiny. Perhaps if Diana's house really does sell in the next month or so.


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