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My head is filled with things that are somewhat unprocessed. Again, I'm not writing much lately, which is odd because God knows I've got plenty on my mind. I wonder what the reasons are, but it's so far back in the queue that I haven't gotten to it.

Friday was my last day in STO, and that kind of made me sad. As I mentioned in my bigger post about the new gig, that group pretty much is my social circle these days, and it will be exceptionally weird to not see them every day. That will take some adjustment. Meanwhile, I technically start the new gig tomorrow, but not really because I'm going to Mix in Vegas. I'll be soaking that in, seeing some of "our" stuff go public finally, and meet a lot of people. It's weird because this time, they're customers to me.

This will be the longest I've been away from Simon since he was born, and that is exceptionally weird. Three nights doesn't seem like much, but I don't like it. Some days he just mentally exhausts me, but it's a worthy trade for spending time with him. I'm not even exaggerating when I say that he does something new every single day, and I don't want to miss anything. I really think he'll walk any day now. He's bold enough now to take a few steps with just one hand to hold. His babbling is starting to sound like words.

Big conferences like this are also exhausting, but having been to this one three times, I'm always amazed at how energized I am by it. The timing of that with the new position is excellent. The session agenda is excellent, though the keynotes will be stuff I've mostly already seen. I'm also going to try and sneak down to the convention center and spend an hour or two at NAB, since I got a free pass. I hate trade shows, but I'd like to see some of the Panasonic gear up close.

I'm eating like a moron. I don't think about what I'm putting into my body at all, and that's problematic. It reverses years of progress toward a better lifestyle choice. I make excuses. My entire GI is suffering for it. I'm in that 5-pound weight range where I appear like I did in 2005 (sexy) or 2004 (not so much). This realization is only made more obvious by the fact that we live among the pretties, jogging by our house everyday.

I want to buy an iPad when they're not scarce. I don't need one. My justification is that someone in my line of work should spend more time with that specific variation of user interaction. Plus I wanna play with Garage Band.

POP Forums v9 is very nearly done. It has had over a thousand downloads since I posted the first preview version last year, despite not being final code. It doesn't do everything I would have liked, but it's a good base to build from, and not the mess that the old version was. It's a new mess, but a mess that I understand better, and hopefully others will as well.

I don't thank Diana enough for being the CEO of our little family. She really keeps things going, and I don't give her enough credit.

We watched The Social Network again recently, as well as the special features. I still believe it's a great movie, regardless of how real life it is. Now that I've watched the specials, I think Fincher is a psycho control freak, and I never want to work with him on a movie. Apparently, shooting digital is an excuse to do 99 takes for one scene, even if it's 10 pages/minutes long. Sorkin might write dense dialog, but really, what are you gonna get out of that much? Trust your actors, dude.

One thing I didn't get as much out of the first time I saw it was that Zuckerberg was in college at a pretty amazing time. In fact, a really awesome decade started in '96 to be in college, because the opportunities for the average college student were huge. I think about how different my college experience would have been if the Internet was more than Pine Mail and Mosaic (and that wasn't until my senior year). If I had CoasterBuzz when I was in college, I wouldn't have been poor, and in fact would've had my own apartment. Of course, the flip side is that I also would've been arrogant enough to not even try to find a day job, but at that age, before marriages and mortgages, maybe that would've worked out too. I do like my life, but it's scary to think just how much influence the environment would have had.

I'm about 60% through Lego Star Wars: The Clone Wars. The good... it's the most beautiful game they've done so far. The bad... they created too many new conventions (use this gun/character/ship for this/that) and there are too many things not obvious enough. They introduced a RTS element, but it's too hard for the Lego platform game genre. I'll do my best to go for 100%, but I think Diana will hate it. Portal 2 comes out in a little over a week.

I'm playing a lot of Full House Poker, mostly on the phone, sometimes on the Xbox. I've come to realize that my problem is impatience. I get into the medium-sized blinds, and I just start making stupid bets on mediocre hands because I'm tired of folding.

Diana had a coupon for photo book, and after spending several days working on it, and another couple of weeks waiting to receive it, it's here. It's pretty awesome. Basically, it's a review of Simon's first year. I really like it. I like the photos I've captured with him, and I like that Diana was able to be infinitely creative with the layout. Digital photos are great, but there's still something satisfying about seeing them in print.

I haven't been sleeping well. Not sure why. I fear for tonight, because I have a long day tomorrow.

Next post comes from Las Vegas, and I bet it'll be different visiting without the jet lag!


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