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posted by Jeff | Monday, April 16, 2012, 11:59 PM | comments: 0

About four days without a blog post... yeah, I've been busy. I don't think I have it in me anymore to do drive-by posts. It's like I want what I write to have at least some value.

There are some things I want to write about. Coming soon, in no particular order:

  • You might be aware that I relaunched a certain Web site. That didn't go as well as I had hoped, and mostly for one really stupid mistake I made.
  • Simon has been a real handful the last few days. I had some exclusive Simon time over the weekend, and I found myself getting so impatient with him. I don't know how Diana does it every day. The weird thing is that he's simultaneously very charming, most of the time.
  • Speaking of which, we are in dire need of a little mini-vacation to hold us over until we have a bigger one. Believe it or not, we're considering Pittsburgh for Kennywood and Ikea. Roller coasters and Swedish retail. That's how we roll.
  • Tennis. Holy shit, I have racked up one serious bill. This sport is expensive (and that might explain why it's a little douchey). But on the positive side, I feel like I've come a very long way in 12 weeks.
  • More camera experimentation has caused even more frustration. Experienced the rolling shutter and moire at the zoo, frustrated by the lack of ND... it's time for a video camera that can shoot cinema style with SLR lenses. Nothing attainable from NAB this week, but Panasonic's AF100 is the same price as a Canon 5D Mark III.
  • The feeling that we're missing something at the other end of I-90 keeps getting worse.

Most of that is not as negative as it sounds. I'm just feeling a little overwhelmed with life lately. I think it's starting to level out a little, though you wouldn't know it this week.


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