Tough day

posted by Jeff | Thursday, March 18, 2010, 12:00 AM | comments: 0

Today was not easy for me or Diana. I think for Simon, it was generally a pretty easy day, so that's a huge plus.

I started to feel the whole achy thing along with a sore throat last night, and took NyQuil to knock me out. I crashed on the couch, where I was out cold for about seven hours, completely missing one of Simon's feeding/changing moments. I was a mess when I woke up, but assisted in feeding/changing, and then sweated out a fever with a couple more hours of sleep. I've felt suboptimal all day, and have tried to at least avoid breathing on the boy. Now toward midnight, I'm surprisingly not tired, and that sucks because Simon just went down.

This shifted the burden of care heavily toward Diana, who is dealing with all kinds of physical issues along with the hormones taking her on a wild emotional ride. Diana is definitely a fixer. She absorbs as much information as she can, measures whenever possible and attempts to repair whatever needs it. Unfortunately, Simon isn't predictable, and it's hard to quantify everything he does, putting Diana in a difficult place. She's a great mom who does all of the right things, but for the last day or two feels defeated when he just won't settle or can't be satisfied. It's tough for me because I can't reassure her enough.

Things get better, and of course, we know this. Sometimes it's hard to realize that some days are better than others since they all start to run together. I seriously didn't know what day it was today. It's fortunate that for what little time Simon is awake, he does do some interesting stuff. He makes new faces every day, and his curiosity is fascinating. There's a personality coming together very quickly, and we're mindful of that. He won't be tiny much longer!


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