Trip recovery day

posted by Jeff | Saturday, December 5, 2009, 6:13 PM | comments: 0

Wow, yesterday was the worst day of travel I've ever had. Our flight out of Orlando was delayed an hour because that plane was coming out of Houston, which had snow. Our layover was in Houston as well.

Here's the problem with Houston: They don't exactly have the means to deal with snow or de-ice lots of planes. So our crew was late getting in, then the line became so long to de-ice that they didn't even bother getting us on the plane until around 12:30. Finally, at 2, we took off.

If we hadn't been in first class, it could've been a lot worse. On the way down from the Orlando-Houston flight, my ears were painfully blocked, probably a side effect of the cold I've been trying to beat. Diana is just all out uncomfortable, pretty much all of the time, and I swear she got bigger just in the last week. Nothing sits well with her digestively, and the acid reflux is causing all kinds of heaving and what not. The sky waitresses were very kind to her, and went above and beyond in my opinion, even for first class.

When we got the car, the drive home was straight forward enough. On 405 we encountered some idiot who completely wrecked and spun his car, and was hanging in traffic lanes. Called it in to 911, but someone else already reported it.

Light was just starting to peek over the Cascades on a clear horizon. When we got home, I fucked up Diana's door on the support for the car port, because some num-nuts parked too close to our spot. In fact, I'm pretty sure that our spot is not actually the regulation 9 feet wide. That was the perfect end to a great day of travel.

We crashed and got a few more hours of sleep. The cats were definitely glad to see us. It has been a good day for decompression.


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