Two-fisted photography

posted by Jeff | Tuesday, March 30, 2010, 10:03 PM | comments: 0

I decided that I'm likely going to stick to photography this week at Kings Dominion. I thought about doing video-only, as I did at Kings Island last year, but I can't easily bring all of that gear. I also don't have the extra goodies to do video right on the SLR. I mean, I'll probably get a little video here and there, but it's not primary goal.

I'm also going to shoot with two camera bodies, which I've never done before because, well, I never had two. I'm going to put the 24-105mm f/4 on the 7D, hoping that the field crop isn't too serious, and the 70-200mm f/4 on the 5D. I know pros do this all of the time, but we'll see how well I handle it. I would, after all, like to actually ride the thing a few times. :)

I'm really starting to want to shoot more stuff, and that's something I really haven't done in probably five or six years (no doubt a shock to my dear siblings-in-law who likely think I was born with a camera in my hands). Back in the day, I used to snap off a half-dozen rolls of film at a family gathering or amusement park. Heck, it's the reason that PointBuzz even exists. But I haven't really exercised it as a creative endeavor in years.

I give a lot of credit to Tyler, who has been fun to watch the last couple of years as he just keeps getting better at the craft, and not just because he shot my wedding photo-journalist style. He sees a lot of things that I stopped looking for at some point. Like him, I have a beautiful wife who puts up with me shooting her, fairly regular access to a baby, and an incredibly interesting new city with stuff that wants to be photographed. There are plenty of opportunities to get back into it.

So we'll see what kind of stuff I get this week. A lot will depend on where they let us go, and I have no particular idea how this new ride is positioned in the park. Heck, I haven't been there in nine years. I don't even remember how to get there!


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