Ugh, the pain!

posted by Jeff | Monday, October 15, 2007, 12:07 AM | comments: 0

I mentioned yesterday my pain in the neck, and while it did seem better today, more of a soreness than pain, I found it hard to stay sitting up in my chair while recording the podcast tonight (which is probably the worst show we've had in awhile).

This sucks, because the whole point of me taking Monday off was to work my ass off tonight and crank out as much CB code as possible. So far, I've written about 30 new lines of code. :(

Of course one thinks of all kinds of weird things that could cause this (symptom of watching House, I think), and my mind wanders to the worst case scenarios pretty quickly.

But my more rational self thinks of two things. The first is that the Claritin I had Friday night triggered some thing. I know that various drugs are known to cause certain aches and pains, and while not a listed side effect, I'd buy it because the last time I took an allergy medicine, I had similar pain (I think it was the weekend of the AVP in Cincy).

My second theory is that I simply pulled a muscle in my sleep by way of some sudden twitch. I've done that countless times, pulling one of my calves, though that usually wakes you up.

Maybe I just need something to bitch about.


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